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Mission,  Vision and Values

We believe that the world of Jewish education is in a state of flux.  The rising cost of private Jewish Day Schools.  COVID.  Changing demographics.  Outdated models of supplementary schools.  All of these factors combined are causing a serious rethink of the world of Jewish education.


All of the above hides a fundamental truth - for Jewish education to live and breathe, REGARDLESS of the model of delivery, it requires a real connection between a deeply knowledgeable and passionate teacher and a curious, motivated student.  The relationship goes both ways, as does the learning and sharing. 


We started Love Jewish Learning because we believe that children deserve the best Jewish learning experiences, because we want them to FALL IN LOVE WITH BEING JEWISH.  We believe that our master educators have to bring the best of themselves and their extensive knowledge of pedagogy and Jewish education to the table if we want our children to thrive in today’s crazy world. 


Ever since we launched this project, we have been gaining a loyal following of committed parents who are wanting more for their children, and wanting a Jewish learning experience that continuously adapts and rises to meet these momentous and challenging times.

How It Works

Customized Learning

Customized Learning and Ideal Student-Teacher Ratio

Learning about our heritage shouldn’t be dry or boring! We build all our classes with great content & interactive exercises that’ll have your child learning faster and easier than ever. We maintain a ratio of one teacher for every five students, so students will be receiving a high degree of one-on-one support from fantastic teachers.  We also carefully select the right pairings of students.

Online Learning

Online Classes and In-Person Gatherings

The best Jewish education is one that blends great learning with social gatherings and chesed projects.  The Jewish learning experience is meant to be lived and shared, not just studied.  Which is why our online learning program (using the Google Meet platform) also revolves around a monthly gathering, following strict COVID guidelines, which will allow your children to learn regularly in a safe environment, while also having a monthly social experience.


Jewish Learning on a Budget

We have learning programs for every budget and offer flexible monthly options and payment plans, so you can get the personal learning your child needs. We guarantee your child will significantly improve their Judaic skills and knowledge, so you’ll know Love Jewish Learning is money well spent. Our experienced, inspiring teachers can’t wait to show you what’s possible for your child to become his or her Jewish best! 

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