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The more you learn about Judaism, it's like trying to drink from a fire hose - there is so much to learn, and it can feel completely overwhelming!  Lucky for you, we keep it simple and offer a few key courses to help your child begin to learn the basics of what a knowledgeable Jewish student should know.  We plan our courses so they are age and developmentally appropriate.  And remember, learning is a lifetime process!

Judaism: The Basics

Take a weekly survey course through the basics of Jewish life and learning.  We'll use a game-based approach to learning and engaging our students, as we introduce and explore the basics required to be a literate Jewish person.

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Torah Studies (Advanced)

Centered around the weekly Torah portion, your child will explore Jewish themes and teachings drawing on text and content from the weekly Parsha.  We believe that the Torah has life lessons that are meaningful and relevant for each level of a students social, emotional and moral development.


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The Coolest, Weirdest Jewish Stuff

Our traditions are filled with crazy stories, fantastical teachings, and out of this world concepts.  In our experience, students love this stuff and love learning about the weird and wonderful side of Judaism.  Recommended for students who are big into things like Marvel or DC, Harry Potter and Dungeons and Dragons.


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Modern Jewish History

If you look back over our Jewish history, it's a miracle of epic proportions that we are here today.  How do the key points in Jewish history influence our lives today, and have meaning for young students in 2020?  This great course takes students on a journey that spans centuries, and helps us understand how the Jewish past gives meaning to being Jewish today.

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Bar and Bat Mitzvah Prep

Meet online every week with your own private teacher. Prepare for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah without leaving home.  We'll begin this process together with the family to discuss the what, hows and how much to learn and do on the Big Day.  This course is taught one on one.


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